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Joining our community is simple. First, read over our leasing policy to make sure you qualify.

Then download our application and bring it to our office with your application fee - $35 per adult resident. We require an application from every resident over the age of 18. Make sure all applicants have signed their applications, provided their social security numbers, and included their full addresses (city, state, and ZIP code). We'll run a credit report and verify the income and rental history for each applicant...and that's all it takes!


Lease terms

Utilities: Garbage and sewer paid by landlord

Pool/Gym/Maintenance Fees: None

Terms: 12-month lease preferred


Contact information

Gas and Electric
Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) - 800 743 5000

Comcast - 800 945 2288

Local Phone Service
ATT - 800 310 2355

Public Schools
Scotts Valley Unified School District - 831 438 1820
Brook Knoll Elementary School – 831 423 2454
Vine Hill Elementary School – 831 438 1090
Scotts Valley Middle School – 831 438 0610
Scotts Valley High School – 831 439 9555

Note: Renting an affordable housing unit also requires an income verification by the Housing Authority of Santa Cruz County. Please contact us for more information about this process.